Other projects by the Castaño Family 

Our philosophy is tightly bound to Monastrell research and experimenting with this variety. For many years now, we have carried out several projects hand by hand with some of our main costumers and colleagues. Some of the best-known resulting wines are:

  • Viña al Lado de la Casa with Quim Vila (Barcelona)

  • Solanera with Eric Solomon (USA)

It is precisely this philosophy or eagerness to innovate what has made us set up other Monastrell projects in other areas and appellations of origin, seeking for different types of soil and climate conditions where the variety may offer distinctive organoleptic features. We have also been producing extra virgin olive oil from the 25 hectares of olive trees spread in the appellation:

Altos del Cuadrado

This project in DO Jumilla was born in 2003 with the acquisition of El Cuadrado, a group of vineyards of about 50 ha where Monastrell shares the land with other varieties as Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. 

To explore further visit www.altosdelcuadrado.com

Los Olivos de Castaño

The elaboration of high quality olive oil meant, somehow, to return to the family origins, whose relationship with olive tree growing and olive oil making for both, own comsumption and comercializing was well known among the local neighbours. Olivos de Castaño is a supreme extra virgin olive oil wich is born in land of vines. The best olives are thorouhgly selected from 25 has of olive trees of the varieties Cornicabra, Royal and Picual spread in the different vineyard plots in DO Yecla and transformed into a fresh, savoury oil with an outstanding richness of aromas and flavours to use in your finest dishes.

More information about this unique project can be found here: Los Olivos de Castaño